The World Has Changed

For these past 20 months many of us have, for the very first time ever, worked full time from our home.  Our families adjusted, as did our living rooms, furniture, pets and neighbours.  When the overwhelm of these changes passed, the new work routine was welcomed by many. 

After a few months of taking meetings at the kitchen table, the chair that seemed quite okay in the beginning, became an instrument of pain.  So did the table, and the lighting.  The laptop screen became too small, the keyboard just not fitting.  We moved to the couch, to the armchair, to the bed. 

We googled ergonomics, best chairs, standing desks and home office designs.  Decluttered, renovated, redecorated, built stuff.   

Some of us discovered new hobbies, new passions. A great deal of us started paying more attention to our health - focused on discipline and personal well-being – perhaps more than ever before.  

Others, already pros of remote working, continued to school us from abroad – lounged on beach chairs or sipping lattes overlooking the channel, their wifi never the same.  

Life has changed. For ourselves, for our parents and friends, for our children.  

From this perspective, I invite you to check out FRIID, a new take on how we use our computer and find comfort in our new work routines.  It is a change, not a huge one, but with my deepest hope, a really good one.

Try it out, and just like riding a bike, give it a bit of time – good changes are bound to become good habits.

My best,


Founder, Friidom Co

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