The story of Friid is very much my story.  Hi, I'm Sandra. 

It started with the proverbial old-fashioned pain. Pain in my wrist, that grew slowly over time. I worked in administration in a corporate office and my job required that I spend all working hours in front of a computer. Without noticing, I adjusted my posture slowly to get relief from the wrist pain by engaging my elbow, then shoulder, then neck and back - until really the whole right side of my body was stiff and in a great deal of pain. Stressed hand using computer mouse pad on top of desk with many stickies labeled busy

Over a period of many years, I sought relief from physiotherapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, acupuncture practitioners, chiropractors, yoga and pilates teachers, and just about any discipline that specializes in body stress. 

The one thing I knew for sure was that I could not lose my job - besides the fact that I loved it, I was a single mom on a single income. I tried listening to my body and started to use my mouse away from my desk - on my lap, on notepads I would stick on the side of my chair, and moved between them. It helped me keep productive and released some of the pain. At a hospital hand clinic specializing in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I was fitted with my own made-to-measure splints. They brought so much relief that I shed tears of joy.  My wrists were better so I went back to using the computer mouse the old-fashioned way, on a desktop. The pain came back in less than a week.  

I was given the option of corrective surgery, but after debating my personal pros and cons, decided against it. Instead, I got more in tune with my body, went back to my splints, lap books and chair pads.  When physiotherapy and restorative yoga classes became topics of daily conversation in the office, I realized I was not the only one suffering. So started the quest for Friidom! vector image of a young woman sitting on the floor using a laptop with her arm raised showing the peace signFUN FACT:  THE INITIAL DESIGN OF FRIID RESEMBLED A SPLINT AND WAS POIGNANTLY NAMED CAGE - SO TO CONTROL THE MOUSE.

Many years later, after quite a few numerous renditions of Friid and following the input of my now great friends, the medical and health pros named above, I am beyond happy to introduce Friid to the world, with the hope that it will help keep you in good health. 

Cheers to Friidom!